File Problem Notes
easy-essence.param 008: Vessel Loading

An easy instance in the Essence format. Given mainly as an example.

eparams.param 055: Equidistant Frequency Permutation Arrays

Example .param file for Essence model with parameters from specification

harder-essence.param 008: Vessel Loading

Another instance in the Essence format.

input.param 042: diagnosis

Example .param file describing full-adder example for use with Essence model 065: Optimal Financial Portfolio Design

A set of 23 instances ranging from small to realistic sizes

p01.param 040: A Distribution Problem with Wagner-Whitin Costs

Example .param file for use with Essence model, describes example problem from Tarim & Miguel

p01.param 051: Tank Allocation

.param file for use with essence model, describes same problem as chemical.xml 013: Progressive Party Problem

10 instances

sample-essence.param 002: Template Design

A sample instance file to go with the Essence model.

sample-essence.param 022: Bus Driver Scheduling

A sample instance in Essence format.

sample.param 133: Knapsack Problem 015: Schur's Lemma

Some instances files in Essence format. 010: Social Golfers Problem

Some data files in Essence format. 038: Steel Mill Slab Design

A bunch of instances in Essence format.